Saturday, March 31, 2012

Something new...

I have a new friend.
A quilter that I met through the small world of quilting in our community.

The other day she mentioned that she was planning to go to an estate sale.
 She heard about it at a local quilt store. Why?
Because there would be quilting fabric for sale.

So, being a good new friend, I said I would meet her there!

The screened in porch and back deck were filled with fabric, quilt supplies, unopened kits, books, quilt frames, sewing machines, notions and more. The family said it took them two weeks to sort through it all!

So I thought I would help out this family!

some charitable shopping...

I think I bought more fabric today then I did on my recent visit to Lancaster!!!

some charitable shopping...

Greens (yes, I love green, esp lime green) and some long gone Jan Mullen fabrics (now I know where they disappeared too!)

some charitable shopping...

Black/white fabrics (also a huuuuge fave of mine!) and some metallic/Asian fabrics (for a planned project).

This new friend and I (and another friend) also have some big news!

We have started a branch of the Modern Quilt Guild!!!

Very exciting!!!

(serving the capital region and southern Adirondacks)
announces our first meeting
April 19th at 6:30 PM!!!

Gotta run...
Goblin Gallop, 10/29/11