Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nothing could be finer

than to be on an ocean liner... in the mooooooorning!

on the shore of Lake George

Well, we aren't on the ocean and it isn't quite a ship,

(in fact, it isn't even close to being a ship)

Floating Classroom on Lake George
but it was a fine day on Lake George!!!

Besides you wouldn't really want me to sing either!
(I think my dad used to sing the original version
and his rendition wasn't necessarily sung any better- sorry Dad!)

Yesterday, Nature Boy, Sugarbaby, and I
joined a bunch of other homeschoolers and their moms
for a day of science...

Floating Classroom on Lake George
on the Floating Classroom and we had such a fine day!!!

The Lake George Association received a grant
to educate the public. We are truly fortunate to
have such a healthy lake!

The views of the mountains surrounding the lake, speckled with fall colors, were spectacular.

views along Lake George

and the hands-on learning was loads of fun

Floating Classroom on Lake George

After lunch, the moms and kids met at a stream,
and learned about the Lake George watershed.

Floating Classroom part 2, in the stream

We all got good and muddy
searching for macro invertebrates in the stream

Floating Classroom part 2, in the stream
which are sensitive to pollutants.

Floating Classroom part 2, in the stream
There were plenty which is a further indicator of healthy water!

macro invertebrates

But as my mother always said, 
"All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy..." 
(right, Mom?)
and have no worry, 
I have been playing in my studio too!

I have my arms right up to my elbows (and probably beyond)
in fabric

strike----!!! No we have a home run!!!

working on challenge #3 which is over here.

Stay tuned for the big reveal next week!

Me on the floor
And as Lt. Gen. Douglas MacArthur,
"I shall return!"
(somewhere in between schooling and sewing!!)