Friday, October 7, 2011

Is it Midnight Already???

I think this "change of life" stuff is for the birds!!!

I mean, I was awake waaaaay before the birds this morning...
like 1:00 AM!!!!!

Crazy, huh?!

So what is a person supposed to do when you wake up that early?

Well you read....

 and then you read some more....
reading for school
 you plan some homeschool lessons.

When attempts to doze off on the couch appear fruitless,
you sign up for an online doodle class and download all the lessons...

you color...
coloring assignment

you have a cup of coffee 
and a ginger raisin bran muffin (recipe by one of my fave vegan cooks)

and by then, it is...

6:00 AM your time (but for me, it is already noon!!!!!)

So you go for a long run!

what a great day to start the day!

 What a great way to really wake up!
I have decided that I really looooove running in the cool autumn air!

A great way to start off the day!

 (I know... I am really scary after a run! 
just ask the rabbit that hopped away quickly)

 When I arrived home,
I realized that I had about 20 minutes to shower,
dress and get Sugarbaby to the orthodontist
to clip a wire
and she wasn't even awake yet!

But we made it!

Back at home for breakfast and
off to the library where Sugarbaby volunteers for an hour.

main entrance to the library

Home for lunch (or is it really dinnertime????)
some work,
and I even managed to make some wonky stars for Lynn
as part of our BeeFF swap

Lynn's teal and tangerine stars
Lynn's teal and tangerine stars

And now, all of a sudden, it strangely feels like midnight....

feels like midnight...

cuz for me,
it really is midnight!!!!

Would someone please tuck me in????

Me on the floor