Monday, October 3, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane..

About 2 1/2+ years ago, I embarked on a new journey,
that of a homeschooling mom.
But as I have discovered
homeschooling doesn't necessarily mean that you are learning at home.
For example...

Today started early (as always) with a cup of coffee.
This is my "me" time. 
I checked my email and read a few blogs...

and then I headed out for a run....
Run this morning

back at home it is time to really get my day going...

Monday morning

After my shower
I have breakfast
and wake up Nature Boy and Sugarbaby so they can start their days too.

By 9:30, Sugarbaby and I are on the highway
headed to our first destination of the day...
art class with French
and today, nous avons fait des poupees de mais

making cornhusk dolls

(today we made cornhusk dolls)

On our way home,
we stop at the library to drop off some books,
shop at the health food store,
stop at Joann's, the post office, and the grocery store.

At home, the kids do some book work
while I prepare dinner for later.

Normally, Nature Boy needs a ride to band practice
but, it is cancelled today

Curried butternut squash soup...

butternut squash soup

and vegan chocolate cake...

vegan chocolate cake (2 cakes are better than 1
(actually two cakes!
one for us 
and one to share
at our cooking get together tomorrow-
hey homescooling is fun!)

Then off to ballet lessons for Sugarbaby
home for dinner,
drop off Nature Boy at the Y for some recreation
and on to Sugarbaby's violin lesson...

violin lesson tonight

Eventually, I have to pick up Nature Boy at the Y 

our local YMCA

before I collapse in bed.

No time for working on my Crumb Along blocks today

my blocks from the Crumb Along
I think it is high time that someone invented a sewing machine
I can operate in the car
though I suppose, a hand sewing project would be easier.

Me on the floor

Life is full!