Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The fire in the belly....

I know not all my readers are fond of rock music,
I am a product of the age of rock and roll...
born in the early 1960s,
teenager in the 70s,
college kid in the early 80s.

Mr. U is a heavy (heavy!) metal guy, Nature Boy loves old rock too,
 and Teenager with lots of stuff likes that nasty rap/hip hop stuff
so I have heard a lot of music in my time on earth.

As I thought about all the forms of art that I still want to try,

somehow, this song started playing in my head...

Yes, friends....

I want it all!!!!

In the past couple of years,
I have really spread out my wings 
from my early days of sewing clothes and quilting.

I have dabbled in a few new art forms including...

hand dyeing

hand dyed half-yards

fabric painting

playing with Lutradur and paint


image transfer


rubber stamp making

newly carved stamps

art journaling

the last page of my first art journal

But I have a list in my head...
a list of sooooo many forms of expression, of art, 
that I still want to learn....

Yes, friends....

the more I see... the more I want to do!!!!

I want it all!!!!!

My preliminary list:

*screen printing
*calligraphy, funky hand lettering
*gelatin printing
*fabric art journaling
*fabric designing
*watercolor painting
(and maybe someone to clean my house?)

Me on the floor
Is that too much to ask?!!!!