Friday, August 5, 2011

It's just a phrase...

get old 


  • to be annoying due to repetition....I'm sick of him making plans with me and then not following through. It's getting old.
    from this dictionary

But sometimes
my patience wears thin!

Like this new sleep schedule...

The day started very early
(the beginning of this 'change of life' thing is already very old!!!)
honestly, I am exhausted!

Everywhere I go now, 
be it at home or around town,
when something flits by
I instinctively duck!

Yes, this was flying around in our house early this morning
Having a bat in the house at night is unnerving,
though lucky for Nature Boy, 
I was able to dismiss our last visitor all by myself!!!!

And then,
once again, I spotted another ground hog
(that makes 3!)
in our backyard...

so close to our relocation crate too!
They seem to be growing in number like rabbits around here!

And I think Phyllis, Nature Boy's beloved guinea pig,
is probably thinking the same thing too!!

Phyllis is playing a waiting game
"I'm tired of being pregnant...
look at my large belly, my double chin... 
am I going to have stretch marks after this one... or is more than one?"

Me on the floor

I really am just getting old!