Monday, August 1, 2011

My hero....

From a young age...
loving that dirt!
my "Nature Boy" has been un-inhibited by dirt..

one dirty boy!

and touching "things"...

caught something?

that I would never 

a found snake


with a butterfly



or dare to go near live animals
that don't belong near us...

 groundhog relocation program
(don't even ask about the skunk who visited a couple of weeks ago!)

So it is not surprising that when bats fly 
through our home in the early hours of the morning,
who you gonna call??!!!!

Yes, this was flying around in our house early this morning

(and when they aren't available, 
you rouse Nature Boy from a deep sleep!!!)

Everyone needs a Nature Boy in their home!!!

Me on the floor

PS If you think that I didn't do art on my first day
after "30 Days of Get Your Art On" was over,
you are mistaken!!!

I made this postcard...
postcard for a friend

and finished my challenge #2!