Friday, May 20, 2011

Cooking up something in my "lab"......

This week, my sewing room has felt a little bit like a lab
and I feel a little bit like Beaker...

I didn't set anything on fire or blow anything up...

unnatural disaster
(well.... not really!)
but I still managed to make a colossal mess...

painting on the floor

Almost every surface in my sewing room was used for something!!!

many photos printed later...

Like Beaker, I had a lot of trial and error...

playing with Lutradur and paint
 Pebeo Setacolor paint, Jacquard Lumiere paint,
and Caran D'Ache Neocolor artist crayons on Lutradur

and some experiments didn't go quite as planned...

TAP transfer on Lutradur versus TAP transfer on polymer clay
...I decided that after spending a lot of time transferring an image with TAP
onto polymer clay (on the right) and baking it.... it didn't look so great,
so I went with the image transferred with TAP onto painted Lutradur (on the left)!

And then I got sidetracked....

Lutradur painted laying to dry on watercolor paper

and spent an evening just painting on Lutradur and not finishing the quilt!!!!

In the end,
I sandwiched the transferred image onto some Peltex
and backed with fabric, zigzagged around the edges,
added an eyelet and then secured it to the quilt right where you might find the park on the map!!!

close up of Hudson River Park

You can also see the french knots that I added for trees...

close up of highway

and the added quilted lines that I had traced from the enlarged map onto tracing paper
and quilted the roads onto the quilt.

We were also required to make a facing-type binding
and I found a great tutorial here...

back of "Along the River"

Finally, the label was sewn on last night!!!!


And so....
my experiment is done!!!!

"Along the River"

"Along the River"

(featuring the Hudson River as it passes by our hometown)

If you happen to be passing through upstate NY on June 4th or 5th,
you can see my quilt (and 5 others) along with many other quilts
from our guild members and visit the great vendors too at our quilt show!!!!

Me on the floor
Now who wants to clean up my 'lab'????