Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reflecting on small miracles...

A little less than couple of months ago (that is, late March), 
our quilt guild show registration applications were already out
and I decided I had better enter some of my quilts.
Well, how about  6 quilts/pieces?!

Of course, I find that it's always best
 to have some pre-finished quilts on hand to enter in a show
that is happening two months later...
including 1quilt completed in 2009!

waverunner quilt done!

1 quilt finished in early 2010...

The quilt is done!

and 1 quilt finished in late 2010...

my quilt, Impromptu

that doesn't mean
you won't enter quilts that are not yet finished 
(I repeat not yet finished!)

like this..

1 quilt finished up at the end of April
(including finishing the hand quilting which I started in January!)

My quilt is done!
(though I still have to baste on a temporary sleeve for the show)

1 quilt made from start to finish in a month (phew!)...

"Along the River" (~18"x23")

1 quilt block for the guild block challenge
conceived one day and finished in two days (double phew!) this week...

Block challenge for guild show

1piece that is actually 5 separate panels that I made last spring
during my Workbook Wednesday series
which I decided to attach (completed this week.. better late than never!)

cacti panels are joined

Of course,
I also volunteered (what was I thinking?!)
to make 3 1/2 ballet skirts (for a mid May performance)
from slippery material and chiffon (yippee!),

making three ballet skirts to look like these...
(and I also ended up doing a lot of hand sewing too on Saturday at rehearsal!)

rented out two vacant apartments,
attended a family celebration out of the country last weekend,
homeschooled 2 children and took care of other mother duties.

And yet, I survived and miraculously got it all done!

Around the same time that the quilt show registration applications were sent in,
I ran my first race!

My first race (5 mi)- Shamrock Shuffle in Glens Falls NY

It is kind of unreal to me....
After baby #3 , it took time before I began regular exercise.
When she was 3, I began early morning walks in the summer.
When she was 5, I joined a gym again.
When she was 8 or 9, I began running a bit on the treadmill at the gym.
Now she is 12 (and I'm 49!), I can say that I run!

I started  running outside early  this spring and now I am hooked!

Running gives me time to think...

like dreaming up new quilty ideas!!!
or just letting my mind go blank (for a change!)
Since March 5th, I have run...

Since March 2011

Yes! that is 192.5 miles!!!
Who'd of thunk it possible????!!!
Certainly not me!

Me on the floor

Things are only impossible until they're not.  
~Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation