Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't Be Floored!!!!

 (or how I manage to spend a lot of time on my sewing room floor....)

Me on the floor

This year, our quilt guild has their every-second-year quilt show
and I decided to try the quilt challenge
in September, I purchased the blue fabric for the theme, "Along the River"
and guess what?!!!!!

It is now mid-April
and I am finally getting around to making the challenge quilt
which has been in my head for 6 or 7 months!
Nothing like last minute!!!!

(Some times, I think I work better under pressure.)

last year, inspired by a photo that Mr. U took on a hike up a nearby mountain
and a desire to try a new technique, partly in my head, partly seen elsewhere,

'Sunrise on the Mountain'

and I have had it in my head (since September),
that this technique might work nicely with the river challenge quilt.

Of course,
me being me,
my take on this technique is some what unconventional...

I find this method works best...

the river is waiting to be placed on the background

...on the floor!!!!

I can't sit on my chair, it is already occupied!

 (and I can't really sit on my chair right now anyway!!!)

So yesterday, I finally got to work,
 armed with my
iron and ironing pad on the floor...

iron and pad on the floor

fabric backed with Wonder Under on the floor...

a blob of fabrics on the floor (!!)

scissors, snacks, coffee, etc. on the floor....

iron, check! coffee, check! scissors, check! fabric, check!

and this time, I opted for a slab of wood (where else? but) on the floor...

slab of wood

so I could rotate my work while keeping it flat.

As you can see, I am still refining my technique.

My idea (still in my head)
was to use the challenge fabric along with some coordinating fabrics
to create the Hudson River which meanders through our area of upstate NY.

the river is waiting to be added to the background

Originally, I thought I would create the background around the river 
but since I liked the wonky edges created on the river,
(and paying no heed to the fact 
that I am really must finish this project- along with 2 others for the June 4-5 show!),
I cut the river out of the original interfacing backing
and placed a new interfacing backing on the map to create the background first...

starting to create the background

I used mostly my hand-dyed brown and green fabrics
along with a smattering of commercially available fabric
to create the background to resemble what our area looks like from the satellite view...

adding background browns, greens

The pieces of fabric were cut up in odd shapes, mostly resembling rectangles,
placed in random configuration around the river area

adding background browns, greens

and every so often, I would lay the release paper from the Wonder Under
atop the growing background and adhere the fabric pieces to the interfacing and other pieces of fabric
with my iron...

fusing the pieces back with Wonder Under onto the base of interfacing

Gradually, throughout the day,
the background grew...

Quilt Guild challenge

as did the mess....

the mess isn't getting any cleaner

Eventually, the river was delicately placed and adhered atop the background....

the river is in place

and I added the Interstate which goes right through the middle.

with the Interstate

There is still some tulle to place atop the quilt and a backing to add
before the quilting (and maybe some embellishing) is done

but I might be able to peel myself off the floor soon!

Me on the floor