Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaNu NaNu

Do you remember this show?

Well some days, I feel like I'm an alien
right in my own home!!!!
(Crazy kids!)

Funny too...
I used to be called an alien
 (until I got my American Citizenship!)
citizenship ceremony 6/2/01

this Monday marked the beginning of ...

which is short for..

National Nonstop Journaling Month!!!

but the acronym makes me think of Mork!!!!

I figured I would join in and journal!

Inception: day 1

day 2: Choice

Day 3: Fortune

Day 4: Quarter

Only four days has passed but so far, I have kept up!!!

Monday, I also zipped down the highway in my UFO...
along the Northway

to hear Judi Gunter speak at quilt guild...

quilt guild lecture

about judging at a quilt show...

quilt guild lecture

Very interesting!

Haven't done much sewing but did manage to finish off my last commitment for 

Lucinda's row is finally done!

and Lucinda asked us to make a block of ourselves for her quilt...

Me block

Could be me...
or could be an extraterrestrial!

 NaNu NaNu!!!