Monday, October 25, 2010

Neat As A Pin!!!!

Since when are pins neat?!!!!

Most of the time, I assure you, mine are not neat....

But apparently, "[i]n the early 19th. Century, the development of mass production guaranteed a uniformly high quality and finish of consumer products. Formerly hand-made and thus frequently irregular, now, pins were consistently well made and finished."
Wiki Answers 

Who Knew!!!????

Did they say mess production????

another creative mess!

I decided today my sewing room was in need of a little attention...

Peeking inside to my clean room!

I needed to put more than just the pins away!!!

I did a little bit of cleaning and redecorating

And several hours later (lots of cleaning, moving furniture around)...

I did a little bit of cleaning and redecorating

this is about as neat as it is gonna get....

I did a little bit of cleaning and redecorating

At home with my sewing utensils!

Pins... or not!!!


  1. love it! sometimes ya just gotta clean it up to find stuff- but then a week later you forget where you put it and make a mess trying to find it again! Remember creative minds are messy minds!
    It looks fabulous! Congrats on a great clean up job!
    happy sewing!

  2. I thought your sewing room was fine even before you cleaned it (guess you know what mine looks like sometimes then...LOL) I do like mine when it's cleaned up but it doesn't stay that way for long at all.

  3. What a wonderful room. I love all the natural light you have. I need to do some cleaning and straightening too.

  4. Look at that room! It's gorgeous! Someday I hope I have a whole room for crafty stuff! It's good to know someone else's space is a mess little corner of our apartment is pretty much the same!

  5. oh, yes, beautiful room ...and so neat, now :-)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. btw I'm doing some b/w sewing too at the moment. Will post pictures soon, but first I'll unpick some seams

  6. I love the room!! What a wonderful space in which to create. I also love the color of the background on your 2-page spread. Is it watercolor, or pastels?