Monday, September 13, 2010

Searching for my mojo....

So I haven't finished this project.....

trying out my 8 rows of Gee's Bend inspiration!

the rows have been hanging neatly on a hanger all summer!

I haven't finished this project....

25 Dresden plate blocks done!
the blocks are neatly stacked on my ironing board
waiting to be pieced!!!

I haven't finished either of these projects...

UFO's crying out to be finished!
which are hanging on my french doors-turned-design wall
screaming to be done!

I have been slacking off on this project...

but I sweated through body combat at 5:45 AM
and promise to return to the gym tomorrow!

I now have a new project to finish...

thread painting

I took a 3 hr thread painting workshop with Nancy Prince,
who visited our guild on Saturday...

thread painting

I still have to finish this project...


though I did add a few french knots this weekend!

But I hear it's a new day!!!!


So I am searching high and low for my mojo!!!!

At home with my sewing utensils!

Have you seen it?!!!!!!!