Monday, August 16, 2010

A Little Bit of This... A Little Bit of That...

It is still warm and sticky in upstate NY
so I was in and out of the sewing room all weekend.....

doing a little bit of this
a little bit of that...

After months (maybe years!!!), I decided to put aside my fears and reservations
and try some art journaling....

do it!

I scrounged through my craft stuff and found enough to get me going....

I need more time!
(I think this might be addicting!!!!)

I made 6 more scrappy log cabins...

six more!!!

bringing my total up to 123 
(and I think I need a minimum of 102 more!)

I made my row for Anita...

for Anita

(she requested a four letter word.... only the nice kind! in grays and reds)

Mr. U and Nature Boy installed and painted new flooring in the kids bathroom...

new floor in kids' bathroom
(black and white... love the color combo!)

And, other than the corn crop which had to be disposed of
due to some sort of bug...

ARGH. We won't be eating corn from our garden this summer!

our garden seems to be thriving this summer...

inside my fave,  cosmo!

bell pepper


So nothing truly important
just a little bit of everything!
At home with my sewing utensils!
Some posts are just not as interesting as others!

I guess I will just go back to my reading...

catching up on my reading!
(ha! the toilet is temporarily in the family room too!)