Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's a bird... it's a plane...

It's Workbook Wednesday....

Workbook Wednesday

and I have been trying to expand my horizons....

From the Urban Dictionary......

1. expand my horizon

New to many different options and ideas. Being free.

Today I would like to expand my horizons and go sky diving.

(But I promise NO sky diving.... I am afraid of heights!!!!)
I finally dove(!) right into the exercises from chapter 5 and had loads of fun...

Art Quilt Workbork by Jane Davila and Elin Waterston borrowed from the library

I even took the supplies out of their packages (okay, so I live dangerously)!!!!

some supplies for chapter 5 exercises

and they were dyeing to be used (haha!)

I tried my hands at hand painting......   

9"x12" handpainted fabric

Faster than a speeding free motion quilter!!!!

took a stab at using foil (with glue and with fusible web)...

foil with glue

Able to leap tall fabric bolts in a single bound!!!!

Et voila!!!!


More powerful than an iron!!!



it's Superquilter!!!!!

(I feel like I can do almost anything now!)

I did keep the quilting lines simple, following the line of color movement
and embellished the edge with some long, fuzzy fiber.


This fabric painting thing is quite addicting...

9"x12" handpainted fabric

so I painted a few more small pieces that I can use in future exercises...

9"x12" handpainted fabric

but I avoided exercise 2.... representational painting.
Maybe next week (more expanding to do!).

Remember this sketch?

An abstraction of a photo of a cactus

and the pieces that I started last week?

working on a fun project!

Well, it has transformed into a cactus!!!!


Now the sky is the limit!!!!!!

At home with my sewing utensils! This expanding my horizons is tiring... I need a nap now!