Friday, April 30, 2010

A Needle in a Haystack!

It has been a busy week of celebrating, cleaning fridges, making cacti, and such...
so I am only now getting back to some quilt projects
in process.

This is my Dresden Plate project so far...

My Dresden Plates so far...
(block #12 is in the works!)

Lately, I will sew the 20 pieces of the dresden plate together sometime early in the day..

pieces ready to make into dresden plate blocks

so I have something to applique later while watching a movie with Mr. U.

We have our spots on the reclining couch (a Mr. U find at a consignment shop)...

our couch

Mr. U sprawls out on the couch
while I place all my sewing tools on a side table and
stretch out....

must have needlework when watching a movie

and Mr. U likes to tuck his toes under my legs
(in the colder upstate NY months, we have a quilt or two on top!)

Mr. U's feet snuggle under my legs when we watch a movie

Now I must tell you that I bring a hand project to our movie evenings for a reason!!!
If I don't have something to work on,
I tend to doze off!!!!

Must be something about my advanced age!!!!!

Happy Birthday!


this week, this arrangement seems to have resulted in some...

how shall we say?.....

(hmmm... hard to pin down the right word!)

pointed situations....

Mr. U's feet snuggle under my legs when we watch a movie

Somehow, Mr. U found the little piece of batting
in which I stick my extra needles!

my fancy needle holder

And he didn't spot them with his eyes..
rather ......

he felt a brief, sharp, needle-like sensation
before he located them in his SOCK!!!

Oh my!

must have needlework when watching a movie

And last evening, when Mr. U suddenly asked me to pause the movie..
I dropped the remote from the couch arm..
and somehow..... my thread became unthreaded!

Oh boy.... it's like looking for a needle in a haystack (so to speak)!!!!!

It tooks us a minute to locate the needle
but lucky for Mr.U
it wasn't in his sock
but on the rug below the couch!!!

The things Mr. U tolerates!!!!
but he loves me!
Hanging with my Honey

Well, it's Friday morning,
and I have a couple prizes to give away .....

The bag goes to....

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True Blue Nana said...
Happy Birthday!

and the fat quarters will be going to their new home with....

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Timestamp: 2010-04-30 12:01:33 UTC

Joyce said...
Happy Birthday! Perfect song for the occasion

Winners should email me with their snail mail address.

At home with my sewing utensils!Warning: Watch movies with me at your own risk!

Have a great weekend!!!!