Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ho-hum.... humdrum!

hum·drum   /ˈhʌmˌdrʌm/ [huhm-druhm]
1.lacking variety; boring; dull: a humdrum existence

Feeling a little dull this week in the sewing room....

Ho hum.

I decided to cut into a fat quarter bundle recently to create some wall hangings for the bare walls in Mr. U's expanded office. I chose a quick and simple pattern from Terry Atkinson's Happy Hour.

This goes together fast but I am so unenthused by the process...

quilting done

I chose a meandering free motion quilting stitch for ease and speed...

close up of machine quilting on larger quilt

I took the remaining blocks, cut them in half, re-pieced them into a smaller hanging...

quilting in progress on smaller quilt

and am working on some wonky straight lines for this quilt...

close up of line quilting on smaller quilt

I also made a wallet at our guild's member workshops yesterday....

completed wallet

... I am thinking Christmas presents!!!

This past week, I mailed out my row for Kim who asked for gnomes, mushrooms and snails in reds and aquas...

Kim's row is done!

While I running 5 miles at the gym, blasting tunes in my ears, I have lots time to think.

Today, I realized that creating quilts from other people's patterns offers some quick, easy ways to create with fabric,  but I am feeling that it is stifling my creativity right now and I am in dire need of a new project that, perhaps inspired from others, is my own creation!

I borrowed these books from our guild library for some ideas but I have some of my own brewing...

looking for inspiration

Whatever I end up creating, I am just happy to be able to create in my own room!!!
SPF #11, 3/12/10: Sitting in my 'haven'
(this photo was taken for my weekly self portrait challenge!)

Have a good week ...whatever you cook up!!!!