Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today is Tuesday...

Today is Tuesday... not a particularly exciting day, at least not usually...


Today, I spotted a beautiful cardinal out front...

a cardinal spotted out front in one of our trees

I love cardinals and always consider myself lucky to spot one on a given day. It makes me smile!

The snow is almost gone....

the snow is almost gone!

Spring is in the air... and that makes me giddy!

I finished the two quilts, big and small...

two quilts done!

 destined for the walls of Mr. U's office...

close up of two quilts done

and having a project completed makes me happy!

I also have a plan brewing in my brain to take a weekly journey in my quilting craft and expand my horizons, using this book as a guide ....

Art Quilt Workbok by Jane Davila and Elin Waterston borrowed from the library

And that has me excited!!!!!

Anyone want to join me?!!!!!! Let me know, I will get started soon!

And finally, what is particularly special about this Tuesday....

19 years ago today...

Mr. U and I were wed 19 years ago today and that just makes me thankful, tickled, and overjoyed!!!!

Happy Tuesday to you!
SPF #11, 3/12/10: Sitting in my 'haven'


  1. Hey Happy Anniversary... It's also my "princesses" b-day today to.

  2. Happy Anniversary/ Isn't love a grand thing to share?

  3. happy anniversary. Our 17 year wedding anniversary is in 3 days.
    I'll take up the journey with you Lisa, I have had this book for a while but still haven't managed to start, you just might be my inspiration for this.

  4. Happy 19th to you and Mr. U!!! I love cardinals, too, and we have several of them who "live" near our feeder and last year, they had a nest and 3 babies that we were able to watch grow....it was fun (the nest was in a spot where we could look out and see it easily).

  5. Aw...Happy Anniversary! (Our 19th is this year, too!) I do believe I may have said this before, but I love the quilts.

  6. Lisa, I would love to join you using the Art Quilt Workbook. They have a copy at our library so I have requested it. Let me know what is next. I will e-mail you my work address.

  7. Happy Anniversary! I'm interested to see where you will go in the journey that you are taking.

  8. Happy belated Anniversary! You inspired me to stop at Barnes & Noble and pick up Art Quilt Workbook - I've been meaning to for awhile now - I'd love to tag along on your journey!

  9. Congrats on the anniversary! 19 years!!!!! I though I was doing okay just clocking up 6! Happy Tuesday to you too dear Lisa!