Thursday, February 4, 2010


no explanation needed

Okay.... so after my quilt came home.....

It's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I finished Sarah's row....

Sarah's row streeeeetched out!

Oh....I thought I might start (start being the key word!) a new project....

a project that I decided I JUST had to start now!

and then I thought I might get started on cutting out another project... a passport wallet....(which I want to finish soon!)....

my passport wallet cut out but not made!

and I also started the 64 signature blocks that I need to have done before I leave on a cruise (Oh did I mention that I am travelling soon?!)

I need to make 64 of these before I cruise!


my sewing space is a mess... AGAIN!!!

my sewing space is a mess... AGAIN!!!

can you believe that I can sew at the table?

Yup, that's me! or just plain wacky!!!??????