Sunday, January 24, 2010

No use crying over spilled milk...

Four years ago, I decided to make a quilt for the annual JDRF Gala and auction to raise funds for diabetes research. It was a novel idea, so it brought in a lot of money...
JDRF Quilt

The next year I did it again.  I decided to use the theme of the auction (Hollywood) and made another quilt. It, too, raised a lot of money.

Hexagons in Hawaii

Last year, the theme was Hawaii, and I made a quilt of my own creation (no pattern!). Times were getting tough and so it didn't raise as much money but a good chunk and it went to a nice family who also have a child with type 1 diabetes.

Aloha quilt in the snow!

This year's quilt was created on a whim this fall out of my love for black/white and green fabrics. It, too, is my own creation. But, this quilt is now one of four in the auction and so the novelty has worn off... auctioning off quilts has run its course. This quilt did not raise as much money but it went to a nice family... a former preschool teacher of Sugarbaby's and her family.

The quilt is done!

I make these quilts out of love for my baby and my love for quilting and I have no regrets. My work, creating quilts to raise funds to help in the cure for diabetes has even landed me in Vickie Howell's upcoming book collaboration.

But it is time to move on....

I've got projects to start!!!!

house for Sarah, row 10
My row for Sarah as part of our Row 10 group project!

and projects to finish!!!!

One Block Wonder UFO
Once again, another UFO that has been sitting on a shelf screaming, "Finish me!!!"

So, I am back in the sewing room when I have time making a mess!

construction zone

So, have a great week everybody!!!!
Yup, that's me!

Addendum: So now I AM crying!!!!!!

I was minding my own business late this morning, making cookies, and Mr. U walks into the house. He enters the kitchen and I look around to see the quilt!!!!! I was stunned!!!!!

He thought it was too beautiful to be anywhere else but here!!!

It's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's home!!!!!!!!!

I love my Mr. U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!