Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ahem. Ahem. Ahem.

No, I am not really trying to get your attention! (Don't I all ready have it?)

Some how... I have developed laryngitis!!!!

So, the owner of our LTS (local tea shop) recommended some 'Sing tea' mixed with some lemon myrtle tea...

Sing tea with lemon myrtle tea and a bit of honey

which is doing a pretty good job of keeping the irritation away!

But for a person like myself who can do her share of gabbing... yakking....chin wagging... chewing the fat... shooting the sure is a tough burden to bear!!!

So I will just sit here and admire Teenager's latest oil painting...

Oil painting by Teenager

(isn't it awesome?! The class is donating their paintings of the Hudson River to the nearby Double H Hole in the Woods Camp)

watch the wildlife that comes by our house...

a visitor at the side of our house at 8:15 am

and sew a stitch or two!

some more houses for Sarah's row

Yup, that's me!