Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spin 'Round!

I am all spun around!

Bet you young 'uns didn't know that more than 20 years before Flo Rida, there was Dead or Alive! I am getting old!

And you know you are getting old when you go to the Google home page today and you find a couple of Big Bird feet to celebrate Sesame Street's 40th anniversary (yup... I remember when they started on television!)

So this morning, very early this morning (Hey! I gotta find some time to quilt!!! so quilting time happens before the gym and before starting my day with the kids), after settling down with my cup of coffee, I stared awhile up at my ongoing Quilt-A-Long project....

....and I decided that I did not like my quilting AT ALL!!!

I figured that I wouldn't be able to look at this piece hanging on our family room wall without it bugging me!

change of plans progressing...

So... now I am all spun 'round!

Okay, so I have had a change of heart!

I am running in circles now! OY!

I guess I have some ripping out in the near future!

Yup, that's me...

Yup, that's me!