Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh! Ssss....Crap!

Lots going on these days at the U household so I haven't been posting as much as I am accustomed to.

Welcome to any new readers who may have found their way here from SewMamaSew! A few weeks back I was contacted by Beth at SewMamaSew asking me if they could feature my "I love to Make Houses" Quilt


in their upcoming Scrap Buster Month on the blog. Of course, I said, "Yes!" Pretty cool!

Unfortunately, things have been all but cool in my sewing room lately (except for the temperature in the morning before I turn on the lights which tend to heat the room up!)

But I am trying to keep this blog rated "family" so I will keep the four letter words to a minimum.

I worked a bit on my Dear Jane blocks which I am happy to report now number 49!!!!

This block, J1 "Josepha's Jonquil" was reverse appliqued, and my points are improving...

J1 Josepha's Jonquil

but this block, A10 'Which Points West?" was a real bugger and I am so unhappy with its outcome!!! I suppose the name of this block suits it but I am not sure where the points are pointing!!!!

A10 Which Points West?

The logs are lopsided and the triangles are not very neatly curved near the center. Oh! Ssss....CRAP!!!

Someday, when I am feeling strong again, I will re-attempt this block.....and so, I decided it was time to put aside my Dear Jane project.

I have been in the mood to make some clothing lately and so I dusted off Jenny, my Janome serger. I gave her some oil too!

Jenny the Janome (serger)

And then I thought I would practice... and that is when things went bad!!! My upper looper thread kept breaking, my fabric was all bunched up, my left top thread wasn't sewing properly....

I tried rethreading the machine...

the challenges of threading a serger...

many times!

I adjusted the four tension discs...

ACK! can you feel the tension!?

and then, I walked away! Oh ssss.... CRAP!!!

Time to move on to something else..............and so, I went over to my scrap boxes...

Boxes of scraps

and it seems that with all my summer sewing projects, I have accumulated even more scraps!!!!

My scraps have runneth over

I got out my freezer paper paper piecing pattern for my scrappy log cabins...

scrappy log cabin template for freezer paper paper-piecing

and I easily....


whipped up....






log cabins blocks...


If I have counted correctly, I now have 94 scrappy log cabin blocks!!!

94 blocks so far!

I still have many more to make since I plan to piece them into a king-sized quilt.

collage of my scrappy log cabins

I am thinking that I will put white sashing between the 6" finished blocks but according to my calculations, there are still a lot more log cabin blocks in my future! Oh! Sssss....CRAP!

Finally, it is really fall here in upstate NY and I can no longer deny it!

On the way home from the gym (and some errands too... since it is a sleep-in day for the kids!), the car told me that it was below freezing!

chilly morning

Time to put away my flip flops!!! Oh! Ssss...CRAP!!!

The house had the first-heat-on-in-the-house-for-the-season smell this morning.

But fall does bring some wonderful color to this area!

frosty fall leaves
Sugarbaby's versatile jack-o-lanternFall color

Trying to stay warm and out of ssss...CRAPsss way,

Yup, that's me!