Thursday, October 8, 2009

Steadfast or Stupid?!!!

Fall seven times, Stand up eight
-Japanese Proverb

At least that is what they lead you to believe!

I am moving along on my way to making 255 Dear Jane blocks..... but on some days, construction of these blocks goes better than others!!!

Today... I persisted but is it worth it? I ask myself... or am I just being plain ol' stupid?!

This block, F2 Kaleidoscope, was a real bugger. Looks good, doesn't it?!

F2 Kaleidoscope

Well.... my first attempt (exhibited on the right below ) went terribly wrong at many levels!

two attempts at this block!

I tried to conserve fabric and as you can see in the bottom right hand corner, that led me a little shy of a proper seam allowance. Getting the spot where the seams are supposed to meet (between the wee triangles and lopsided diamond-like shape) took many, many (many) tries! And alas.... I even pieced it wrong!!

So, lots of wee scraps of paper, thread and fabric were tossed!

scraps of fabric and paper from foiled attempts

I did get this block (Starflower) done, though I wish my corners were sharper (but certainly, not worth redoing... yet!)

B12 Starflower

and this block (Sweet Tater Pie) only took one set of pieces but had to be ripped out in spots so I could get the seams to meet where they are supposed to! I do like how it looks now!

B2 Sweet Tater Pie

My block chart is beginning to fill up!

block chart 10.8.09

I just hope I have the perseverance needed to finish this project!!!

Or will it end up on the shelves of my sewing room with the other UFO's???

Some UFO's on the shelves in my sewing room

or left for awhile on the ironing board with the projects that I have to get back to?

Some UFO's on my ironing board

As you know, I have finished a couple of UFO's lately but as you can see, there are a few more waiting!

Until then,

Even if I am not stupid, at least I am still ....
Yup, that's me!