Saturday, October 3, 2009

Aliens and Age Thwarted... for now, anyway!

thwart (thwôrt)
tr.v. thwart•ed, thwart•ing, thwarts
1. To prevent the occurrence, realization, or attainment of: They thwarted her plans.
2. To oppose and defeat the efforts, plans, or ambitions of.

I am trying my darndest to oppose the evils of aliens and age!

Firstly, I am attempting to finish off some UFO's (otherwise known as UnFinished Objects!) that those extraterrestrials may have left behind.

Last week, I finished the scrap quilt which I posted all ready....

my scrap quilt

I figured I was on the right path to getting some more UFO's out of my sewing room so I pulled down a project that began in 2004 or 2005 (Yikes! is that how long I have had them?!) with a swap on a Pat Sloan Yahoo Group... pink and brown nine patches.

pink and brown quilt

I even pieced them together within the year of receiving the blocks and sandwiched them! I started quilting the project at a quilt retreat 2 years ago but never finished.

But when I pulled the project off my sewing room shelf last week, I was really not pleased with the quilting so, I ripped it out and started all over again.

This time, I made up my own overall swirly type quilting pattern...

close up of the quilting on pink and brown quilt

and now, another UFO is done!!!!

Pink and Brown Quilt

Take that (or is it ZAP?!), you aliens!!!!!

Believe it or not, I also found some time to work on my Dear Jane blocks (I now have 44 done)!

B7 World Series

I am trying to find some blocks that have an element of hand work (applique but not the piecing)
E5 Rising Sun

so I can keep my hands busy when I am sitting around...

A7 Dad's Plaid

Which leads me to the other evil.... AGE!!!!

Around the time of my last birthday, I began to experience some signs of aging.... like some hot flashes (which I haven't had again..... yet!!!), the sudden lack of regularity of my cycle (bimonthly, every second month, ....) and more recently, the ease with which I can add some padding to my midriff. ARGH!

The first two signs I have handled okay.... so far! But the fact that I may be developing a muffin top (aka spare tire) is very, very frustrating and downright upsetting!

So I have decided that I will have to keep my hands busy with various projects and out of my mouth! That means there may be a whole lot more UFO's done in the near future, a few more Dear Jane blocks completed, and probably the start of a new project or two (or three)!

And, I really have to keep my fitness routine going!

Many of you can't imagine the day-to-day routine that I keep. Mr. U and I usually rise about 4 AM and I am out the door by 5 AM (some days are easier than others), headed to the gym about 5x per week (while Mr. U heads out to hike a mountain).

Generally, Tuesday and Thursday is an hour body pump class...

getting ready to Pump!

and the other days, I run on the treadmill and use some of the weight machines..


To burn calories, you really have to sweat! and boy, when I run my 4 miles (in less than 40 minutes), I sweat! Now if I can only thwart the consumption of those carbs I love, I will be all set!!!!

Getting up that early also allows me some time to myself (before the kids are up and my day really begins). Some times I sew or read or e-mail and I always have a cup of coffee!

I'll keep you posted! I will need a lot of willpower! Maybe those aliens ("take me to your leader") have some ideas!

Until then,

Yup, that's me!

PS.... I think this is my 296th post (yes, I do have the gift of gab) so I am thinking we are due for a giveaway in one of the next few posts!