Friday, September 25, 2009

Staying out of trouble!

Well.... it has been a few days (at least!) since I was here!

So...... where have I been?!

Staying out of trouble for sure!!!!! Life for me and the rest of the 'U' family is busy and full at this time of the year (and I suppose, always!).

Mr. U and Nature Boy did their first homeschooling 'field trip' last Thursday with another dad and homeschooling friend. They took a hike up Goodnow Mountain in the nearby Adirondack Mountains.

(While they hiked, I met up with a new bloggy friend nearby (isn't it funny how we can find new friends who live nearby?) We had a wonderful time chatting over coffee and looking at her beautiful crazy quilting and silk embroidery/embroidery work! Check out Debra's work, it's stunning!)

This time of year in this part of upstate NY is just breathtaking ....

on Goodnow Mtn

and Mr. U did a wonderful job of capturing its beauty, don't you think????

Autumn comes to Goodnow Mountain in the Adirondacks

Sugarbaby came home the same day with her stay-at-home string bass which she has been busy practicing.
the string bass has moved in

And yes, the thing is bigger than her!

And the teenager with lots of stuff is still working a shift at Dunkin Donuts on weekends so that she can buy more stuff!

running on Dunkin...


Well, first, I won a giveaway hosted by Jodi! A set of notecards from Amanda...

giveaway I won!

(and I had such a hard time choosing that she was a sweetie and surprised me with two sets!)

I am still getting myself up early and heading to the gym 5 or 6 times per week....

getting ready to Pump!

and I am still working on my Dear Jane blocks!!!!

G3 G5

A3 Hunter's Moon

I finally finished a quilt that has been pieced and sandwiched forever! This UFO is from a pattern I found in a magazine (maybe AP&Q???) and was a great project for all my scraps!

It will grace my sewing room armchair for those chilly (and downright cold!) days to come in upstate NY while I read, sew, snooze...

my scrap quilt

Straight stitch quilting is very time consuming but I am pleased with the outcome!

back of scrap quilt

It rained last night and I had fun at Sugarbaby's bus stop this morning, snapping photos of raindrops hanging precariously from brilliantly colored leaves....

it rained last night...

And so you see, though I suppose you never doubted for a minute, that even though I wasn't here, I was staying out of trouble!!!

See you again soon!!!

Yup, that's me!