Monday, September 21, 2009

Jane-rally successful!

Well, the first (probably of many) Dear Jane-a-thon is over!!!!

What a weekend!!!!

I toiled at the sewing machine from sun up to sun down!!!

from atop Prospect Mtn

(well, not really... Mr. U took this photo this AM while hiking his fave mountain!) but I did work in my pajamas most of yesterday!

It was so stressful, I just about gouged out my skin!

it's fake!!!

(well... not really! Nature Boy is perfecting his wound-making skills for an upcoming film and possibly for Halloween!) and it wasn't all that stressful..... really (though I did do my share of ripping out)!

I did buy myself a new toy to enjoy in my sewing room....

my new toy for the sewing room!

... a dock for my IPhone with a clock radio. I listened to some wonderful podcasts (Craftsanity, CraftyPod, Sew Forth Now, Simple Arts and Grandma's Sewing Cabinet) while I sewed to keep me company... and I learned a lot too!

I twittered frequently with my Jane-a-thon companions, Sarah in Canada, Fanny in the USA and Holly (with the cutest puppy) in Australia... how great that I can hear from my quilting pals all over this earth in mere seconds!!!!

twitter bird

And I managed to complete 16 blocks!!!!

Dear Jane-a-thon Results! 16 blocks!!!

So... add 16 to the 22 blocks I have all ready..... then, take away that number from the 225 blocks total (ACK!) and........

I have a lot more Jane-a-thons in my future, don't you think???? OY!

Yup, that's me!