Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dearest Jane....

September 17, 2009
Upstate NY

Dear, dear Jane,

It has been some time since I wrote to you. The first time I wrote, I was just embarking on a long, long journey! I had stars (or should I say... DOTS!)

My dots!!!!

in my eyes and I had made 4 blocks!!! What foolishness!

Now it is 7 months later and I have only 22 blocks completed!

my Dear Jane block chart 9/17/09

At this rate, according to my calculations, all the blocks will be done by July, 2015. Of course, that does not include the time it will take to piece the 225 blocks together and to quilt it!!!

an array of my Dear Jane blocks

So, in the interest of time (and aging!)....

F13 Tour de France

Sarah Fanny (and maybe Holly too) and I have designated this weekend a Dear Jane Marathon!!!

E2 Merry May

Our plan is to piece as many blocks as we can and keep in touch by email, flickr and twitter (ahh... modern technology!).

Of course, we began plans for this marathon several weeks back and now several additions (run at the gym) to my schedule (swim lessons for Sugarbaby) have cropped up (dinner with friendship group) so I am hoping to still make many, many blocks!!!

I remain....

Yup, that's me!

at least, until the weekend begins!!!!