Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear Jane

Upstate NY
February 12, 2009

Dear Jane,

How are you? Me? I am fine. I am still in my workout clothes and should probably be doing something constructive, but I have been playing on the computer for almost an hour.

Some time during the night, last night, the power went out and the flashing of my alarm clock (powered by electricity) woke me up. I thought I had turned it off, but I had just hit the snooze, so the alarm went off about 9 minutes later. It was only 2:30 AM and I never fell asleep again. Talk about early riser!!!

Jane, this week, I began the daunting task of piecing the blocks that make up your wonderful quilt.

So far, I have completed A-6 "Uncle Homer",

A-8 "Florence Nightengale",
D-6 "Challenge", and D-13 "Field of Dreams"
And nooooo, you are not seeing spots!!!! I am going to make my quilt in polka dots and Kona Snow.

Yes, dear Jane, the thought of completing your quilt is very daunting.......I have a looooooooong way to go!
You can barely see my 4 blocks in all those empty spaces!!!!

Jane, we are finally having our January thaw.... in February! The temperature today is in the 40s and it is very foggy this morning.
The snow is shrinking and dirty...
the ground is muddy,

and every so often, you think you spot a bit of grass!Small streams are developing in our driveway, cutting through below the snowbanks...shriveled crabapples can be seen on the thawing trees...

our mailbox is slowly appearing from the large snowbank at the end of our property...

and, oddly enough, various tools are erupting from deep within the snow....

(note: Nature Boy, your father has been looking for an ice scraper!!!)

Alas, Jane, I expect winter is not yet over so I spend whatever spare moments I have playing with cheerful fabrics in my sewing room.

These two blocks are headed to Tia in Australia...
who has spearheaded the "Bushfire Quilt Project" to make quilts for those who have lost so much in the recent wildfires in Australia.

Finally, I have embarked on another new journey....

that of Homeschooling Mother...

Dear Jane, Nature Boy was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole and so.. this week began a new odyssey.

I must be going, Jane. Stay well and I will keep you posted on the quilt! (It may take me a few years!)