Friday, February 6, 2009

Where's Upstatelisa?

It is true! Upstatelisa has been 'Missing in Action', though not sure how many of you actually missed her LOL!

Some of you may be familiar with Where's Waldo? books. Maybe you will find her somewhere in these photos.....

Is it possible that Upstatelisa is up at the wee hours of the frigid winter mornings hauling her butt to and from the gym?

Well, she has been exercising (running 4 miles or pumping her muscles most mornings!)

Could it be that she is cleaning house?

At least a few times but one would never know it to look at it right now!!!!

Maybe she is at the ice rink, trying to keep everyone's music in line while staying warm?
Naw, she isn't there anymore!

Could it be that she can be found watching the birds flit around her backyard?
Many sightings of cardinals, tufted titmouses, blue jays this week! But I don't see her there!

Could she really be ingesting cold ice cream when the weather is frightfully cold outside (like 0 degrees Fahrenheit)?!
Just maybe!

Or watching the icicles grow?
Is she in the library basement, filling her bag with used books from the sale?
Well, the fiction room was mobbed but the non-fiction and childrens' books section was movable, so she filled her bag with books- for all of $8.50!!!

Even if you can't see Upstatelisa, you can see her new stash of books...
Triumph at the library used book sale!
Could it be that she is running to the school to pick up kids for dental appointments, from afterschool programs or running in to reinsert an insulin pump site that inadvertently pulled out!
Well, she did all that too! But she isn't there anymore!

Could she be hiding in her sewing room trying to finish a quilt for Mr. U?
There have been rumors of sightings of her there!!!!

This quilt was given to Mr. U last holiday season (like 2007!) but it wasn't finished yet! Now it is! The quilting took some time (okay, well it sat on the back of the armchair waiting to be quilted... for a long time too!)Mr. U is a great fan of Ayn Rand and this quote was from her book Atlas Shrugged.
Or maybe she is sitting by the front door waiting for her shipment of Kona Snow from Hancocks so she can start her Dear Jane quilt with her friendship group!
She has also been spotted near Albany NY with her blogless friend, Laura, shopping for fabric...
and enjoying tea!

and more recently, in a local quilt shop, looking for just the right background so she can do a free BOM....

Could it be that she is getting pretty sick of the snow and cold weather!?

Yes! Sure is!!!

But there she is! Alive and well!Made it through another week!

Oh and she is going to have to have someone else take a photo of her (in her sewing room) cuz she just got word that she made the final cut for the Craft Corps book being published in conjunction with Vicki Howell (of course, they did warn her that she may not make it through the final editing! but there are 59 or so other crafters too!!!)