Monday, June 1, 2009


I am feeling almost human again after a stint with a dreadful cold!

The skin around my nose is almost healed from contact with so many tissues!

My ears are almost unplugged!

My coughing is almost gone!

I almost made it to the gym this morning (but opted for a load of laundry and a grocery shopping expedition instead)

But our guild quilt show is almost here and..................



"I like to make houses" is done!!!!!!

As you can see, I opted to go without a border, mostly in the interest of time (and to prevent boredom, on my part!)

This morning, before heading out to the grocery store, I sewed on the label....

and stuck it in the wash to clean it up and get some of the wrinkly goodness....

As you may be able to see, I stitched in the ditch on each of the houses and then, rather than doing an all over free motion quilting pattern, I quilted individual mini houses in the background.
close up of back

It took a little longer (and I am a stickler for weaving in all the loose threads!) but I am pleased with the results!

If you are in the northeast and are looking for something to do this weekend, our quilt show is in Queensbury NY on June 6 and 7. I am going to be a scribe for the judge on Thursday (a new task for me!), setting up on Friday, and I am going to be a 'white glove' volunteer on Saturday morning, so say "hi" if you come! I will take photos and post them next week.

Our house has gone to the birds (no surprise, I am sure)!!!! Yup, Nature Boy now has two parakeets...

Patches......................................and Lucille!

And he also found these in one of our apple trees....

robin eggs in the apple tree

Have a good week!!!
My very own bus