Friday, April 10, 2009

My fabric hath runneth over!

Yesterday, as I looked around my sewing room, I realized that my fabric hath runneth over!!!! What a mess!!!!!! ARGH!
before I reorganized
Time to do some clean up and reorganization!!!!

I took out each pile of fabric, turned it sideways to accomodate my ever increasing stash and did some neatening up...
after I reorganized
I still have some work to do on the rest of the sewing room, so I won't show you that!

A peek at my blues and greens...
blues and greens
and my coveted polka dots and black/whites and black/different colors...
polka dots and black/whites, black/color
I guess it is time to do some heavy duty work with all this fabric, huh?!!!!

This weekend, the other quilt guild that I belong to is hosting Laura Cater-Woods. Today, I am going to an all day workshop with Laura and tomorrow she will speak to our guild!

Have a good day!
My very own bus