Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Those of you who have followed my blogging adventures for some time are familiar with my love of making houses collage of all kinds...doll quilt 5 done!!!
and looking at houses, old houses particularly!!!

So... of course, I had to take photos of old houses (and buildings) along the way through Lancaster County (and beyond)...
The only problem being that I was seated in a bus...
so the houses often passed faster than my camera could click...
and there is a reflection on the window (even though I didn't use a flash).
Oh well... no matter! Lots of great old stone and brick structures!!!
Architectural styles are much different than here in upstate NY...

This building was so cool!!! It used to be an old hotel and now it is home to Ladyfingers Sewing Studio, a quilt shop owned by Gail Kessler....
Ladyfinger Sewing, Oley PA
and this building was in Intercourse...
I love the porches on these homes, too!
I feel a house quilt coming on!!!!!

My very own bus

P.S. Some of you asked about this quilt, "Guiding Stars", being raffled by our quilt guild, Quilt North. Firstly, the quilt is apparently a queen size quilt. The drawing is Sunday, October 18th at the Empire Quilt Fest which takes place October 17-18, 2009. Raffle tickets are available through me ($1 each or $5 for 6 and partial proceeds benefit local charities as well) or come see the show and pick up tickets then.

guild raffle quilt