Friday, April 10, 2009


Friday, I was fortunate enough to have some time to attend a workshop hosted by our local quilt guild featuring Laura Cater-Woods, a mixed media fiber artist, who shared her techniques with us.

This is what I brought home...
workshop project
I know that many of you may be surprised by the earthy feel to this project, especially since many of my quilting projects are so glaringly bright. Fact is, most of my house features earth tones, and I am really drawn to these browns and greens when I am outside and about. We have many collections of rocks, shells, and even dirt (the red kind that we only see in Prince Edward Island... one of our favorite vacation spots!).

It was a fun day, mostly free of kids (though I left them each a list of chores to do since they are on school vacation... through the 19th!!!) and I will have to try incorporate some of her techniques in future projects.

Today is a particular special day for my family. My parents, Bert and Rhoda, are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!!!!

Mom was completing her training to be a nurse in Montreal and my dad (a physicist from Toronto) was working for the government in Ottawa when they met through my dad's former neighbor, who happened to be my mom's roommate, on a blind date arranged by my dad's brother.

The date, according to my mother didn't go well, since my uncle was late (it was a double date) and my mother was then late for her shift at the hospital, but apparently my dad persisted and they were married a year after their first date!!!
(funny to see my parents looking all glam, even smoking... though that habit is looooong gone!)
My parents are still as glamorous as ever!
Happy Anniversary... love you both!!!

and many of you are celebrating this weekend!
Happy Passover!
Happy Easter!
Happy School Spring Break! (I'll let you know if we are still in a celebrating mood at the end of the week!)
Happy Day!

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