Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Occupational Hazards

I mentioned, a few posts ago, that my finger had met up with the sharp edge of my rotary cutter. Not a huge cut this time but I have had several encounters with the rotary blade edge and not always involving my fingers. I have, believe it or not, nicked my knee with the blade before!

I know that it is hard to see but the dot close to the nail is the said rotary blade versus index finger feud. If you look just a little closer, you may see there is a line or really a flap of skin moving up from the edge of the nail.....

well, a day or so after my first injury, somehow (???) I managed to look away ever so quickly from the machine and fabric that I was presently utilizing and before you know it, that finger met up with the sewing machine needle which was moving up and down... ever so fast! How the heck did that happen?! Blood on the finger, none on the fabric and suprisingly enough, the needle didn't break!

That cut no longer hurts but my thread seems to get caught in the flap of skin while I am trying to knot my applique needle!!! A royal pain in the you-know-what!!!!

Anyway, these injuries have, in no way, dissuaded me from continuing to sew!

Last night, I was trying to whip up a couple of white log cabin blocks...

when, somehow, the pair of scissors in my right hand managed to nick the middle of my same index finger on my left hand!!!!
Blood was drawn but a bandaid was applied and I completed my block!

Who knew that the art of quilting could be so hazardous!!!!!

Here are the weapons in question with some of their equally dangerous counterparts!!!

This is not a new phenomenon in the least. Some years ago, while Teenager with lots of stuff was in elementary school, I was hoping to do some quilting while Mr. U was working late. So, Teenager (in second grade) was seated beside me at the sewing table for her required nightly 15 minutes of reading, while Nature Boy and a wee Sugarbaby ran around the house from the sewing room to the kitchen to the family room to the living room back to my sewing room in a great big circle!

Well, I guess this multitasking got the better of me and my encounter with the sewing machine needle was a little more in depth, shall we say!

The needle hit my nail and broke!!! All be darned! The thing was even embedded in the fingernail so Teenager (then in second grade) ran to get the tweezers as I tried to remain calm (I am not very good when foreign objects pierce my body!) and we fished the thing out. Mr. U had me get an xray to ensure that there was no metal inside the nail (and there wasn't) and I had to get a tetanus shot too!

Gee whiz! I hope you are all a lot more safe in the sewing room than I!!!!

But if you are just as accident prone as I, share your story in my comments, and on Monday March 2nd I will draw the name of one lucky klutz for a prize!!!! I have been lucky to win a couple of goodies lately from Cherry House Quilts and Amy Schimler, so I want to pass on the goodwill too!

In spite of all of my recent accidents, I have managed to add a few blocks to my polka dotted Dear Jane project....

and I now have quite a collection of white log cabin blocks!!!
Be careful in the sewing room!!!!!