Monday, March 2, 2009

Just another......Manic Monday

Well, not really, but I couldn't think of a better title for my post (besides, I do wish it was Sunday.... just another fun day....)

Just in case we haven't had enough snow this winter, Mother Nature is out to remind us that winter isn't quite over yet....

we probably won't get as much as some places but isn't it enough all ready?!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had the nerve to step in the way of Bethany Reynolds and her attempts to reach upstate NY and our quilt guild. She won't be at the meeting tonight, which was subsequently cancelled due to the inclement weather, but she is due back here in June.

This morning, while Nature Boy and I worked on a math lesson, the birds were busy in the backyard (maybe anticipating the snow).

We saw a red bellied woodpecker...
a mourning dove (or two or three..)

and some others (cardinals, blue jays, chickadees) who were too fast to capture on camera.

Not a lot of sewing this weekend (wish it still was Sunday!), but I did manage a small quilt to raffle off next weekend at Sugarbaby's local figure skating club...
complete with some hot-fix crystals...
Figure skating is all about the sparkle!!!!!

After a 4 mile run, shower, and breakfast this morning, I drew a number from my hat (okay, from the randon number generator!) and Jodie is the winner of my Occupational Hazards giveaway!
Blogspot says that I have posted about 218 posts since I began Upstatelisa... maybe time for another giveaway soon! Stay tuned!!!!