Monday, January 26, 2009

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever
n. Boredom, restlessness, or irritability that results from a lack of environmental stimulation, as from a prolonged stay in a remote, sparsely populated region or a confined indoor area.

That may be but....

it is another COLD, COLD day in Upstate New York!!! It might not be a bad idea to stay inside!

This is almost balmy...
compared to what it was when I headed to the gym at 5 AM (0 degrees Fahrenheit which equals -17 Celsius!).

All of you tropical dwellers may not know of a very important feature in one's car during these harsh winter months....... the seat warmer!!!! which was set at 5 (the highest!) on my most recent travels to keep my delicate derriere warm while I drive! Gotta have one!

So I am staying out of the elements, in my warm 'cabin', which can cause cabin fever of another kind!!!

Now that I have time to play in my sewing room, I am having fun!!!

I am in an international group of 8 quilters and each month one quilter gets two 15 1/2" (unfinished size) blocks of her choice made and sent to her by the other seven quilters.

Katy wanted I spy type wonky log cabin blocks...
and if you know me at all, I love wonky and I love log cabins!!!!! I also completed my 12 1/2" (unfinished) charity quilt block for Jacquie's Project Improv...
(and why change a good thing when you have it started? so another wonky log cabin was made!!!)

On a roll.... I made nine more freezer paper paper-pieced scrappy log cabins for my challenge project...
More log cabins!
for a total of 69 blocks!!!! Aiming for 100 or so!!!

And to keep any other fevers away and to just warm the soul, a crockpot of minestrone soup is cooking....
to be savored along with homemade baguettes!
Stay warm out there!!!!

A couple of postscripts....I had a good time at the JDRF Gala on Saturday night though my strapless bra was almost at my waist (time to buy a new one that fits properly!) when I finally was able to change! (I brought my pajamas with me and made a quick change in the ritzy 'powder room' before heading home, knowing that it would be frigid on the way home at midnight!)

and..... my 'Aloha' quilt raised $500 for the ongoing efforts to find a cure for diabetes! The couple who bought my quilt had just spent a ton of money (yikes!) on two sets of tickets to watch the Yankees play at the Green Monster and also have a son with type 1 diabetes, so I felt honored! The gala raised about $200,000!!!!