Thursday, October 2, 2008

What is black, white, and red all over?!

Well, a newspaper is read all over! but nooooo... not what I had in mind!

A skunk with diaper rash???

I didn't get close enough to check!!!

A beautiful burning bush?
red... really red! but no black or white that I can see!

The quilties on my wall?

some are, thanks to some swapping goodness, but no! Not them either!

With all the log cabin blocks that I have adored and made, I have never (ever!) once made a courthouse step block and I have wanted to give it a go. So, I downloaded a block (very small block... 4 1/4" finished) on to freezer paper...

and madly began trying it out...
Now, I didn't use any instructions or guidance, other than the number sequence on the block...
and I am not sure which colors or sides should have the longer logs versus the shorter logs....
and then adding in the red, just seems to confuse the entire thing!!!!

and of course, if you throw in an even odder block...
well, then I am in a real quandary!!!!!
I am now thinking that it doesn't matter much which color has the longer or the shorter logs...
just mix them up!!!
And I really need to make more!!!

Sugarbaby came home today, a new woman!!!! (HA!!!!!)
Made in Art Club and given to Mr. U for his birthday.

Have a good night! Sleeping well again!