Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am so tired...

... I can hardly speak, let alone sew!!! but I can manage to blog (and photograph too)!!!! what a draining day!!!

3:14 AM Driving rain wakes me up

3:20 AM Still raining hard

3:30 AM Give up on sleep! Get out of bed

Put away the clean towels, throw a load of clothing in the dryer

4:30 AM Have a cup of coffee and iron 6 of Mr. U's work shirts
Coffee Quilt

5:30 AM Go to the gym and run 4 miles in under 39 minutes!

6:30 AM Home again to get the kids moving and off to school

7:45 AM Grocery shopping (am I crazy or what?!)

10:00 AM Head to the intermediate school and to Sugarbaby's classroom... off to a outdoor museum (the rain has since stopped... thank goodness!) for a field trip

2:30 PM Back at school and then off to Sugarbaby's skating session

4:30 PM Home again, start supper and make some phone calls

6:00 PM Some work on the computer

7:00 PM Off to the mall to find some new and longer clothing for a growing Nature Boy and a fussy Sugarbaby
Can you tell we are enjoying the colors of fall around here!!!

9:00 PM If I was smart enough and awake enough, I would have found a quilt photo to go with every section of this post but ....Exhaustion takes over!!!!