Friday, September 5, 2008

Do you hear that???

Do you hear that???


That is the sound of the IPod, that I listen to, being knocked to the floor by me not once but twice today while I ran on the treadmill!!! Sorry, Mr. U!!! After the second time, I just left it and ran without!

Do you hear that??

....yeah, neither do I! Cuz that is the sound of no kids at home and no Bernina!!!!

Yesterday, after the dust settled and I had a chance to breathe, I started sewing. First, I made a little head band...

and then, I set to work to modify the pump pouch that I made for Sloppy (who would prefer to be called Sugarbaby, by the way.... but I asked her, "when aren't you Sloppy?" to which she sweetly growled!). Anyway, as I worked on the pouch...

the thread broke a few times, and then I heard some noise in the bobbin case!! Well, some black piece that holds the bobbin in place BROKE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Bernie is back in the hospital and I asked to have the knee lift fixed while they are at it!!!

Do you hear that???

Oh, WOWEEEE...I can't believeI won!!!! That is Pat, who won the giveaway tote/gym bag...

and coordinating make up bag!
Thanks to all who entered and I promise to give away more (though I will need my Bernina back for that).

Do you hear that???

Thump, thump, thump... that is my heart beating a little faster. Kellie, one of my bloggy friends, sweetly bestowed upon me this award...

Kellie and I met somehow when I visited her gorgeous blog and we have been chatting ever since. We have much in common and it would be so fun to meet in person... except that she lives on the other side of the world!!!!! She is such a source of inspiration to me and her style of creating and quilting is so awe-inspiring, mind boggling!!!!!

Sarah popped by a photo that I had posted in my then small flickr album of one of my wonky houses. I started looking at her creations which are so fun, whimsical, and magical!!!! She got me hooked on flickr and a few swaps!!! I love reading her blog and looking at her albums and I have met many people through her!

I have been reading Hope's blog for some time, and anxiously await her new post when she takes time off. I even won this darn cute apron in a giveaway she had! But now she has announced that she will be opening an etsy shop! That is just too cool for words. She makes some of the cutest clothing and other little items and some day, I would like to find my niche in the etsy world or somewhere in the world anyway! Good luck, Hope!!!

LauraJ is one of those peeps that I met through the world of flickr and Sarah! She makes such cute stuff and having met and worked with many families in my past life in early intervention, I admire the strength she has in raising her son with special needs as a single mom (and still finding time to your new machine!!!). LauraJ, you always have such a happy disposition!!!!!

I wish I could bestow this award upon each of you individually... to all my bloggy friends. So, to all of YOU, my bloggy readers, I give this award. I marvel each day as I look at the information in sitemeter that tells me that people are reading my blog from Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, all over Canada and the USA. Who woulda thunk it possible??? Stop by and say hi!!! Tell me where you blog or flickr!!!! I love 'talking' to you all! You all are inspiring!!!

Do you hear that???

The sound of fall approaching at my door!

Have a soundful weekend!!!!