Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am plump tuckered out!

Phew! What a day!!!! A tiring day! It was sooooo tiring that I didn't even mange to post this until the next day (so all this is in the past!)

I made it to the gym early in the morning for a strenuous Body Pump workout!!!! Always good but tough!

Sloppy and I had plans to hang out in front of Joann's this morning... they were having a Founders Sale (a.k.a. remodel sale) and we wanted to be one of the first 100 to get in and receive a gift certificate (of unknown value). So we were third and fourth in line, arriving just before 8:30 AM.

I didn't really need much but I had spied a book, the other day, that I wanted ...

so I tucked it behind a bunch of other books on the shelf (anyone else ever do this?) until I could return to use my 50% off coupon and early bird gift certificate (which ended up being worth $5) to get the book.

It has some great ideas ....
and projects.

There is a companion book that I borrowed from our guild that explains her piecing technique.

Sloppy got some face paints, origami paper and pipe cleaners. You can only imagine the faces she might create!
The men in our family have gone to commune with nature for the weekend, lucky for Nature Boy (!)
(I took this photo at the same place, Pharoah Lake, 4 years ago)

so Sloppy and I headed down (1+ hour drive) to her quarterly appointment at the Diabetes Clinic. It is always an adventure with her!

She tries to amuse herself while she waits...wears me out just to watch!

It is amazing that a small insulin pump like this..
can hold so much data like this....

and this...

Probably looks like Greek to you but even as my head is swimming with numbers, a tweak here and a change there...

should hopefully give Sloppy (a.k.a. Sugar's name for her) better control (until her routine changes or she grows more or...). Nothing with type 1 diabetes is fool proof and we are always thinking.

On our way home, I stopped at the library to pick up book after I saw some flowers made by Fancy...

And when I finally sat down to look at my e-mail of the day, I found a note from Nanette telling me that I had been a winner! Hmmm.....She didn't mention where, so I looked back in my inbox and lo and behold!!!!

Lila had e-mailed me that out of 600 comments and 1500 entries, I had won the second first prize!!!!

What a day (full of sunshine and warm temperatures while we spent most of the day inside or in the car)! I need sleep!