Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You've Got Mail!

Well, maybe you did, but I was thinking of the movie by that name as my title for today's post, so actually... it was I that got mail!!!!

Firstly, I received my giveaway prize from Marcia at Blue Bobbin...

... it has some great ideas especially for little ones. Thanks Marcia!!!!

And then, I received my wee quiltie from Lisa in the 6"-12" mini quilt trading swap that I am participating in again! How cute is this?!!!!

I love cherries!!!!

... and there are more cherries!!!!!

Thanks Lisa for all the quiltie goodness!!!!!

Guess what I just had while uploading all these photos?!
Yup! and I ate the entire lot of them!!!! MMMM!!!!!

Well, I am a little further behind than Lisa. She likes "duller" colors (her words) so I have been pulling from my stash...
a sneak peek! I had to sew with the lights off yesterday!!! It was just too hot to turn them on!

Today is still very hot and muggy. Even so, I finished the mowing of the front lawn (for some reason, the mower pooped out on Messy Marvin halfway through the job) and planted some flowers in the front garden...
..before you know it, I was weeding, trimming branches, sweeping... phew! What was I thinking?!!!!! I was soooooo mighty hot!!!!!!

If I knew better, I would be sitting still like this sloth we saw at the Pittsburgh Zoo!!!

But.. there is nothing like a little color to brighten things up....

Speaking of color (me not you).... I have some colorful photos from our trip to the 'Burgh!

Marine life at the zoo.....
almost neon!

For all you pinkies!!!!!
and check out the beauty of this fish!!!!
This was a mural in a subway train station...
..and some cool minerals at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History...
awesome how this blue just pops out!

Red and black...
a great combination!!!!

And my fave...

And here are some flowers we spotted at the zoo....
orange and yellow are a cool pair!
and hot pink!!!!
After all that, I need to just chill out!!!!!

I will stay here until the feeling wears off or the thunderstorm cools things off!!!!

Stay cool!

Hey all!!! I just found this great blog, The Cookie Sheet, with wonderful illustrations and she is having a giveaway!!! Check it out!!!!