Thursday, May 29, 2008


Okay, so you are probably wondering about this blob here....
Well, when I looked at this blob an hour or so after I put it together, I was wondering about it too!!!

In the last month or so, (while trying to be a good mother and wife who makes wholesome homemade meals at the same time as I am doing a million other things), I have forgotten to put the yeast in the pizza dough!

My family said "that's okay..giggle, giggle.... again?" and so I made a yeast free pizza dough anyway.
But... it turned out pretty well...and Nature Boy (aka Messy Marvin) ate two pieces!
He loves my homemade pizza! (this from a young man with an extremely limited culinary repertoire).

Oh! Did I tell you that today is my 99th post?!!!!!!
You know what that means.....

Sigh.... I told you that my youngest and I looooove cherries!

tonight, there are these luscious strawberries!

And... yeah, I know... doesn't look that great.... girls and I love my aunt's stewed rhubarb recipe!!! MMMM!!!!!


As you can see, there still are pins in my project... the time I reveal my giveaway.... it will be pin-free!!!!!

BTW.... did you know that I couldn't use these <> in my version of sigh!? Blogger!!! Hurumph!