Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back into a routine..

The kids are back in school today for the next month or so and I had plenty to do without them! Not to mention that I had several hours where I didn't have to listen to them fighting amongst themselves!

As usual, I was at the gym by 5:30 AM for a 45 minute run, home again to get the day going (ie. get my youngest out of bed, eating, dressing and off to school- she is a pain!).

I checked my email pretty early and discovered an email from Marcia of Blue Bobbin announcing that I had won a prize on her 100th post giveaway!!!! Woohoo!

My 100th post is just around the corner and here is another glimpse....

In my travels around town today, I stopped at the grocery store from produce and assorted food items. If you read my latest Meme, you will know that I love cherries!!!!!
Don't they look so yummy?! And between my youngest and I... they won't be here very long!

And remember that tree that I told youabout.... the one that turns from white blooms to pink?
Doesn't it look pretty?
If I only knew what it was!

Even though I haven't had a chance to set foot in my sewing room today, it doesn't mean I can't post something quilty....
My first ever quilt!!!!

I took a class at a local community college where I learned the basics of quilting. I then took a class on rotary cutting from a LQS where I also bought some fabric. I bought a book, chose a pattern, bought some fabric and I guess I figured that I knew enough to get started.

I even tried my hand at hand quilting!
I've come a looooooong way, baby!

Oooo! Look! another hint!
Thanks to everyone who posts comments on my blog! I like to respond to most comments but some times, when I receive your comments in my email inbox, I can't respond because it says.., "yourbloggername(whatever it is). []"

You might consider going to Blogger home and clicking on your profile ("edit profile') that you set up. I think if you go down to the third item, you can click on "show my email address" and that should do the trick (provided Blogger has your email address further down under 'identity'.) I love to check out other blogs and I have met so many wonderful people that way!

Hey, have a great night!