Monday, April 14, 2008

What a Mess!!!

Spring has finally arrived in upstate NY!!!

We have this tree in the middle of the backyard, planted by the former owners. Not sure what it is but it has the most splendid blossoms.. they start out as white, turn pink, then purple before they brown up. The buds are starting to appear.
But the rest of the backyard is a mess!!! I spent some time last week trimming back these out of control bushes by the back deck. I would just as soon get rid of them but don't know what to put in their place.
Actually, I don't know what to do in the entire backyard!!!!

Last year, I put up a little fence to start a vegetable garden but this is as far as I got...

Right now, everything looks brown and dry. We sit on very sandy soil with all the pine trees nearby. I wish I could just bulldoze the whole place and someone tell me what to do!!!

In the meantime, I visited the library and got some books...

While at the library, I returned The Knitting Circle which I finished early yesterday and picked up and started a new book last night, Water for Elephants. I just need to set some time aside to read about gardening too.

Besides the library, I spent a good deal of time working on my Doll Quilt Swap project. When I get going on a project, I tend to get a little messy...

I told you!!! What a mess!!!
I do like the blocks, though!!!!
I am planning to make 12 blocks and then figure out how to put them together for quilting.

Now, back to my mess...