Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Weekend...

started off really busy. This is the last weekend for ice in the greater area. So, I have now fulfilled my obligations as session supervisor (the one who plays the music, takes attendance, etc) from 4-5 PM on Friday nights for this season. This helps the skating club and cuts my daughter's ice bill some.

Saturday (and Sunday too), the figure skating club hosted its annual competition. For some reason, they scheduled my non-morning person child to skate at 9:10 AM (warm up at 8:54 AM), and wake up to get it together and out the door at 6:00 ish AM. She skated well and placed second in her age level and skating level (Delta). She was very pleased with her place!

My digital camera was out of battery juice and so I quickly snapped a photo of my skater with my cell phone - hence, the poor quality!

My skater was wondering to me whether she was the only figure skater with type 1 diabetes when lo and behold, a teen from her summer day camp for kids with diabetes appeared in her skating dress. Now she knows the answer to that one! This girl also uses an insulin pump which she removes when she skates (wouldn't want to fall on a very expensive piece like that!). Having diabetes and participating in sports can be a bit of a juggling act... trying to maintain good blood sugar control which can quickly change during and after physical activity and often jump up and down when excited too!

I then was obligated to stay for another 2 hours at the rink since I said that I would help play the music at the competition (another way to reduce the ice bill). It went well with the exception of a power outage when the competition director tried to make coffee!

As the day at the rink progressed, I could feel a sinus headache and scratchy throat moving in. OY!

So... this has become my friend this weekend!

The entire winter passed without so much as a sniffle!!! The kids have brought home countless germs all winter long! But now that spring has sprung, I have a doozy of a cold!!! I feel yucky tonight!

But I did manage to put away most of my fabric and clean my sewing room (basically). I have started to work on my online class with Terri Stegmiller. This is where I am at....

I am trying Terri's colors as she outlined in her example. Not my usual colors but kinda fun!