Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lancaster Part Deux and How I Found My Quilting Gloves at ACE

Well, now that I am home, I have been busy catching up. I am finally caught up on my sleep!

I am still putting away fabric. I decided to wash it all before putting it away. That is like a 3 day process!!!!

It just keeps coming!!
I better get caught up soon! I have a couple of projects that need attention. I am taking my first ever online class. I am taking a Daisy Doodles Quilted Wallhanging class offered by Terri Stegmiller. I also joined the Doll Quilt Swap after a Flickr encounter with Sarah.

Maybe some day, my fabrics will magically end up in beautiful quilts like this one...

Here is some of the detail of the quilting (I think it is upside down.... bet you didn't know I was an acrobat!)
I like a lot of color in my quilts... this quilter even added some green!!
Here is a closer look. Beautiful, huh?
Remember how I like green?

Well, here is a green quilt!
and here are a couple more colorful quilts...

And here I am.. a small part of me anyway, coming out of Target while 40 other quilters wait for me on the bus. Hmmmmmm....

I combed the quilt shops of Lancaster County and the many vendors of the Lancaster Quilt Show and could not find the Atlas Quilt Gloves that I have come to adore. I did see one pair, size small, but unfortunately, I have inherited my dad's thick, stubby-fingered, very unfeminine hands (you can see a close up above!) and I need a size medium. That is about the only item on my 'grocery list' that I didn't find.

So, I 'googled' Atlas Quilt Gloves and found a blog talking about the said gloves. The blogger said that Atlas makes an identical glove for gardening that she found at ACE Hardware! Lucky me! We have an ACE about a mile from my house and I even have an ACE Rewards card!!!

And they even have a variety of colors!!!

Off to the gym! Have a great day!