Friday, March 7, 2008

Busy with Bubka, Blouse and ... (I can't think of another 'B' word)

Okay. Firstly, I have to say that I was so so so excited that Sew Mama Sew blog included my tutorial on freezer paper paper-piecing in their week of Create and Celebrate! My first bit of recognition in the crafty world of blogging!!! My head swelled for a bit but I am better now.

I am not sure if anyone even visited my blog to see the tutorial. There are no comments. Mary says that she has been unable to leave comments. Anyone else having that trouble? If so, please go to my profile and email me!!!

Life is busy here. We are getting ready for a week long Scholastic Book Fair at the elementary (k-3) school in our district. I co-chair this event and my family knows that I live at the school most of the week. The upside... this is my last big book fair (since my youngest is moving on out of the building at the end of the school year)!!! The downside.... no sewing or crafting likely to happen for a week! I will surely go into withdrawal.

So I am busy with crafting/sewing before I get busy with book fair-ing (is that a real word?).

Busy at my second drawing class. We continue to draw still lifes. This time, we worked on 'foreshortening' where we draw something that is facing head on. Still gotta practice.

Busy baking before I have no time to bake. This is my favorite. A little bit of work but the end product is soooo yummy! A (cinnamon raisin) Bubka!!!
Busy working on my blouse. Photos will hopefully appear before I disappear.

Tonight, we have a 'winter storm warning'. What else is new? It was 50 degrees today but it is still winter and we are expecting a combination of rain/ice/sleet/snow. "Goody," I say with a lot of sarcasm. So I ran out to the grocery store tonight to get refreshments for tomorrow's quilt guild meeting. The local clown was in the store entertaining the kids. My youngest came home with a new chapeau.
Hope your weekend is full of good stuff! Mine includes a pancake breakfast fundraiser, quilt guild, cheer competition, skating exhibition and hopefully some house cleaning!!!! Busy, busy!

***Addendum: Average Jane is having a giveaway! check out her blog to win. She is giving away a new book by Jenny Hart (of Sublime Stitching fame).