Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Sure Sign that Spring is Coming....

... at the bus stop with my youngest this morning, we spotted two cardinals in the trees!!! Yeah!!!

Winter got you down?? A little retail therapy is sure to help! My friend, Laura (hi Laura- she says that she is addicted to my blog!), and I met for a 'sit and sew' at a new quilt shop. And while surprisingly, she showed undue restraint, I, on the otherhand, spotted some fabric that needed my stash (ha!) !!!

Ain't she cute with her red shoes!? We all need a pair of red shoes! (I have some).

I bought some coordinating fabrics with the idea of making something to hang in my kitchen. I love cherries!
Right now my kitchen is still living in the 70's (brown refrigerator) with the peeling wallpaper to show for it, but some day I envision a bright kitchen full of white/yellow/black & white with splashes of red. Emphasis on the some day.

I was in such a great mood today after spotting those spring birds, that I pulled out some more fabrics and whipped up a couple of wonky houses to add to my growing collection.

Check out the neighborhood!

And I have finished my first punch needle project. I messed up a couple spots with the colors but it looks cute. I have to figure out how to finish it and then will hang it in my girls' bedroom. It really is not very big at all.

Speaking of their bedroom.... I finished my log cabin blocks from Pat Sloan's Cabin Insanity weekend. These are the colors of the girls' bedroom. Bright tangerine orange walls, pandora purple trim, and watermelon pink ceiling.

I plan to hang this in their room but I was thinking that I need to applique something on the top to break up some of the brightness and add some detail. Any suggestions?

I am off to my second drawing lesson tonight. I have been practicing. Still practicing!