Sunday, March 9, 2008

Show and Tell

Sure wish I had a longer weekend to play!!! I am co-chairing our elementary school's book fair so I won't be able to fondle my new fabric and sew/craft much at all! The first day was busy, busy!!

I got a great package of fabric that I had ordered from Crybaby's Boutique (what a great name!). Some Japanese fat quarters ..
and some knit fabrics. We have a really terrible selection at our local Joann's store.

I did manage to finish my shirt that I had been working on. I have to admit that I went up two sizes!!! It just sounds so foreign to sew a size 16 shirt (but I do find that Simplicity has always fit small) when I take about a size 6 in women's clothing. Oh well. I am pleased with the outcome.

and this is me, Upstatelisa!
I discovered this weekend when looking at my flickr album, that I had been tagged by Terri

The rules are:
1. when tagged, place the name of the person and URL on your blog
2. post the rules on your blog
3. write 7 things about yourself
4. name 7 of your favorite weblogs
5. send an email letting those bloggers know they have been tagged

Oy! I really don't have a lot of time to be tagging people this week but... I will give you 7 tidbits of information about myself really quickly before I start my day!!!

1. I used to be a Speech-Language Pathologist doing mostly home based early intervention with children birth to 3.
2. I really love Jack Lemmon in the movie Missing.
3. I am a landlord. Yup, I own a 6 unit apartment building... with hubby. I do a lot of the day-to-day paperwork, put out the trash once a week, answer the phone calls, clean vacant apartments, etc.
4. I became an American citizen on June 1, 2001. I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario.
5. I loooove blueberries!!!!!!!
6. When I was 6, our family (along with other families of parents working at the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C.) was invited to the White House to see the new Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, meet Richard Nixon. I was too shy to push forward and shake anyone's hands but it was a historical occasion!!!
7. I wear a blue JDRF "cure diabetes" bracelet on my right wrist all the time. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Thanksgiving Day, 11/24/2005. I plan to wear a bracelet until they find a cure!!!! For those of you new to my blog, our local chpater of JDRF has an annual Dream Gala. For the past two years, I have made a quilt for the live auction . Last year, my quilt raised $3600 (it was sold for $1800 and then that gentleman put it back in the auction for bidding again) and this year, $1700.

So, in a nutshell, there are 7 facts about me that you probably didn't know. Off to conquer the world or sell some books.

Have a great week! Hope you get to do more crafting than me!!!!!